Uninsured Underinsured Motorist Coverage


Let’s face it……life is expensive.  Whether you are saving up to buy a new house, or you have welcomed a new baby to your family and are overwhelmed with the cost of baby food and diapers, or you’re a college student just trying to get by on the bare minimum, there is no question that life is expensive.  The mere fact of owning a car is expensive.  Add the expense of car insurance, it makes it even more costly to drive. There are many reasons why you may try to get the least expensive insurance available.  Unfortunately, many people choose not to carry uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage because it’s an extra cost.  But when you think about it, a few extra dollars per month is a small price to pay to protect your family, your property, and yourself.  While it’s not a state requirement in Connecticut, there are many reasons why every driver absolutely must have uninsured/under-insured coverage. 

Uninsured/Under-Insured Coverage

What exactly is uninsured/under-insured coverage? Uninsured/under-insured coverage is an auto insurance policy provision that protects insured drivers and passengers from other motorists who are not carrying any or adequate insurance.  The provision covers the difference between what the at-fault driver can afford and the damages to which the insured driver is entitled.  

In the State of Connecticut, approximately 9% of the drivers on the road today are operating their vehicles with insufficient car insurance or with no insurance at all. There is a reason they are driving under these conditions – they can’t afford it, which begs the question, “Will they be able to pay for your hospital bills or your totaled car either?” If you get hit by one of these drivers, you are on your own. 

Take the example of a recent employee of our firm: when he was a junior in college, he was driving around in an older car without uninsured motorist protection. He had never been in an accident, he was a careful driver, and he just didn’t think he needed to pay extra for that coverage.  One day, he was stopped at a red light when he was rear-ended by a texting driver.  Although he was in better shape than his car, he wound up in the hospital with severe discomfort.  The other driver did not have any insurance.   Our employee found no relief when his insurance company explained that there was nothing they could do for him because he lacked uninsured/under-insured insurance coverage in his policy. Instead of paying a few dollars extra for the coverage, our employee was forced to pay thousands of dollars in medical expenses and– and it could have been much worse. 

Review Your Coverage for Uninsured/Under-Insured Coverage

We recommend reviewing your automobile insurance coverage as often as possible to make sure you are properly covered.  If you are driving without uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage, you are needlessly putting yourself at risk every time you get behind the wheel. Give yourself some peace of mind and call your insurance company today.  Add this important provision before you have to experience what dealing with an accident is like without it. 

Thomas McLaughlin at Cloutier & Cassella, LLC represents individuals who have been injured in automobile accidents, truck accidents, and pedestrian accidents that were caused by the negligence of the other driver.  He has over 15 years of experience as a trial attorney working with individuals to obtain the best settlement possible for their personal injury claims.  If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, please call Attorney McLaughlin at Cloutier & Cassella, LLC and set up your free, no-obligation consultation today. While you concentrate on getting well, our experienced attorneys will take care of the legal details and pursue every avenue of liability to secure the financial compensation you deserve.

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